Tweets from Fri, Feb 21, 2014

  • NPR is doing a story on "the multi-million dollar peanut butter pretzel industry" this morning. Being one of my favorite snacks, I approve. 05:56:44
  • Pastor Mark's weekly Friday morning latte visit is a highlight of my week. #homecafe 08:03:33
  • O Lord, I dost thank Thee for the bounty of this double latte and pray that it wouldst be perkifying to mine body and mind. In Thy mercy. 08:36:26
  • Northern Exposure 4.17 tonight. Terra really dislikes Maggie. I don't feel that way but the writers are making it harder to defend her. 20:46:08
  • RT @LosGriego: You know what #Jesus did to people whose lifestyle he didn't agree with? He not only served them, he died for them/us! #Jus20:47:58

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