Good food, good friends, good times

Sunday morning I made breakfast burritos with egg, sausage, tater tots, onion, then brushed them with butter and baked them 25@425. I heated some green chiles in a pan and added a couple handfuls of mexi-cheese and poured that over the burritos.
Just wow.

Mark and Adene Mason came over for coffee after church Sunday afternoon and it was very awesome – Mark and I nerding out about coffee and e-cig stuff in the kitchen, the gals talking in the cafe.
The Masons had cappuccinos and, wow, am I out if practice steaming milk. Not my finest hour. Bummer.

We had a great PSO & Art Bell night. We got as far as Caves 3.

Monday morning we had a huge scare but everything’s ok.

Made some breaded baked chicken for dinner. Chicken strips dipped in a stick of melted butter with one egg, then dredged in Italian bread crumbs and baked about 30@375. They were a lot better than I expected.

Tonight was my weekly Bioshock Infinite night. I loved every minute of it. I have for the last four or five weeks I’ve been playing it. But I think I’m nearing the end already.

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