Just wow.

Firstly, Mark Mason totally made my morning when he dropped by for a quick  coffee on his way to work.
Anyway, tomorrow Nina comes over for our weekly three hours of Gauntlet with Wesley. In fact, she’s coming early so I can help her order some vape stuff.
Monday, Kathy Force is coming for dinner. She wants to try my baked breakfast burritos so I’m making breakfast for dinner and I’m gonna make her first siphon pot coffee with our tabletop :)
Tuesday, Jennifer Joyce is coming over around noon and staying through dinner. I’m gonna make gazpacho, I think. She starts work on another movie next week so this will probably be the last time we see her for quite awhile.
Wednesday, Aaron Force is hopefully coming for coffee.
Thursday is Wesley’s entering first grade assessment at school. If I can find a way to get there – Terra will have the car at work.
Friday, Mark Mason will be stopping for coffee on his way to work again.
Saturday, Nina and Gauntlet again.
Then, Sunday, my old friend and Proverbs regular in the old days, Jason Garcia, and his wife (also a dear friend) and their daughter are coming for coffee.

But I love it!

Anyway, today I gave Lady Gaggia a long overdue descaling and detail cleaned and slightly rearranged the coffee bar.

In other news, I might have started reading a novel!
It’s been years.
I’ve only had little 20-30 minute chances but I read the glossary appendix and the brief prologue over the last two days. It’s a fantasy sort of book. Its rather lengthy full title is Dawn Apocalypse Rising – Book One of The Windows of Heaven. I know the author. I’m not committing to reading it, just checking it out. But I’ve been wanting to start reading again. If I do, this is where I’m starting.
So far, it’s the kind of book I always loved. Sci-fi meets fantasy, dense fiction so that you need a glossary, semi-historical. Good times. I always say I have little use for ordinary fiction – I need a well-designed alternate reality to really take me away.

Speaking of Wesley going back to school, I’m giving him his last couple weeks off. He’s been a great help all summer and learned a lot of new chores but he now has full vacation privileges. He has worked most days but had every night off to stay up as late as he wants with his movies, games, etc.. As of a couple days ago, he has breakfast, does his usual chores (an hour or less), and then he’s free all day.
I’m actually sad I’m losing him. Thursdays and Fridays I’ll have neither him nor Terra all day. And that sucks.

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