Wow. This is the kind of vaping PSA I’ve been waiting for!

I vape mostly unflavored 100% VG at 12mg/mL of nicotine that I mix myself. (I started above 24mg/mL.) I use mainly a Phoenix RBA on a Vamo V2.
I started smoking at 13 or so and my last year of smoking was kretek clove cigarettes I imported from Indonesia because they had twice the nicotine, triple the tar, and are illegal in this country.
I have been smoke free for four years this October and could spend an hour telling you all the health benefits I experience. If you know me in every day life, you’ve already heard all about it.

The legislation and regulation that will almost certainly come to pass soon (and the widespread sensationalized misinformation about e-cigarettes in the media) is unforgivable and will attempt to stop me and countless like me from using what has finally freed me from cigarettes.

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