Melancholy Saturday

But I did get a lot of media sorting done. Consolidated our HHGTTG collection into five folders (one for each Phase), labeled a lot of stuff that’s needed it for a long time.
So, that’s good.

I’m having to ground Wesley for the second time in his life. For a full week this time. It was a considerable infraction. No Wii, no movies, no listening to his PSP at bed time, no evening couch time with us, no tapes/CDs. It really does hurt me, too. But this is not only a serious offense he committed, it’s the second time.
Since I’m a firm believer in discipline but not in punishment, I’m going to try to make this a growing experience by putting him to work this week. He’s just turned seven but has few household chores. So, I’m teaching him some new things this week. That will deprive him of play time but spare him out and out isolation and will give him new skills.
I prayed how to handle this situation this morning and I feel this solution comes from above.

It’s a pity that this is happening right when we want to give him extra comfort.
See, yesterday, he ran through the hall in socks, slipped, and slammed his face into the stone floor. Yes, really. His nose may be broken but Terra (a nurse, icydk) isn’t sure. But it is swollen, lightly bruised, and he has a little bump on his head. I was shocked how well he took it. He did cry a bit – with trickles of blood from both nostrils and his mouth (looks like he bit his lip) – but it seemed mainly the fear of the situation because it subsided rather quickly. Probably no more than five minutes. Tough dude.

After three days of exile outdoors for the their thing on the rug, one of the kitties has already repeated the offense. Within hours of letting them back in. I think it was Christmas Kitty. So, he has been banished again. If it happens again, I’ll know I punished the wrong suspect.

I watched the commentary for Event Horizon last night. Meh, it was ok.

Tried listening to the 1972(?) BBC production of The Foundation Trilogy. Gave it three episodes but it was pretty meh.

Still listening to A Canticle for Leibowitz (NPR Playhouse) every night. The first part was great, the second part is not. I’m about halfway through so should be hitting the third part soon.

The only audio theater I can’t live without right now is Second Shift. We’ve made it to episode seven during our evening couch time, which is only four nights a week so we only average an episode a week. And we’re also going through The Leviathan Chronicles, We’re Alive, Wormwood, and Jungle Jam episodes.

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