Gonna be a weird week

Terra has been asked to work days she usually doesn’t this week and I don’t take schedule irregularities well. So, tomorrow begins a few days off but not her usual.

I am a diehard carto tank user and a devoted 100% VG vaper so, yeah, I have wicking issues but, meh, I’m used to it. Well, after a very long time getting my DIY nic liquid from FSUSA, I tried RTS. They are much cheaper, anyway.
But, on a whim, I thought I’d try getting it PG instead. That makes my liquid about 20% PG. Maybe it will work much better in my carto tanks. I thought it would make negligible flavor difference. Wow, was I wrong.
Glad I only mixed up about a 60mL batch. I refuse to waste it but am looking forward to finishing it. And I’m gonna make another order once I can justify the expense. I’ll hold onto the PG stuff for emergencies. Or maybe I’ll try my hand at actually mixing flavors.

I began my new meal planning schedule/concept. The crux of which is cooking a batch of something on Friday for the weekend (aka her work week). This time was baked burritos and I just posted the recipe before sitting down to write this post. Next weekend will be chicken green chile stew over brown rice.
The other part of the plan is that the batch will be enough to have some left over. Add that to leftovers from the other two meals in the week and I’m hoping that will cover Wesley’s lunches when school ends and I won’t have to buy lunch stuff.

I have been having a powerful daily craving for ice cream.

Today, I wore shorts for the first time this year. Short-sleeve shirt with jeans and sandals have been fine hitherto.
Aaaaand, the weather people say temps will go down AGAIN midweek. I do actually love the weather here, though. Cool to cold over half the year is perfectly fine with me. I love cold, I hate hot.

I’m not getting enough exercise and have been feeling stiff and kinda weakly all the time lately. Time to start hitting the disc golf course. But when?
(Ok, warm weather does have a few advantages.)

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