Gauntlet, zombies

Wesley and I saw 7 or 8 balloons this morning. Not very close but still fun.

Saturday means noon to 3p is our weekly Gauntlet Dark Legacy (PS2) session of Nina, Wesley, and I.
I have way too much work to do before and after. My last two days have been very unproductive and I have a lot of catch up to do.

We listened to We’re Alive Chapter 8, part 3 (of 3) tonight when she got home. This show is growing on me. Well, the story is picking up. This show is made more like a novel – the first few chapters are getting to know characters and establishing setting and situation. It assumes you’re committed to it and it doesn’t have to hook you and jump right in.
Either way, I am more and more interested. It’s not perfect (my main complaint is some of the actors) but still really good. Better than I thought listening to the first few chapters, which we gave up on a couple months ago. Or, at least, we preferred other shows (The Leviathan Chronicles, Second Shift) to listen to in our audio theater time.
It is getting harder to get so little at a time. One episode per work night, three nights a week, so one chapter a week. (Each chapter is neatly divided into three 15-20min episodes.) Like having a dozen cupcakes and only being able to eat one third of one cupcake three nights a week when you really just want to devour the whole dozen right now. But, the show has 36 chapters (with season 4 beginning next month!) so we’re gonna be at this a loooong time. And that’s awesome since there is no other show that so perfectly fits our schedule needs.

And, btw, I went ahead and tried the two-month-old Hobbes’ Blood and it does taste a little different now. However, Terra says it tastes very different and really likes it?!?
And Nina tried it and says it’s awesome?!?
They BOTH agreed when I got it in May that it tastes like cucumber and I say it STILL DOES. But both say there is now plenty of coconut and sweetness?!? Again, taste is subjective but I say they’re crazy.
(Or this is some twisted practical joke they’re playing on me…)

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