So, Hobbes’ Blood does suck? (imntbho)

The Vapor Chef has phenomenal liquids. Truly gourmet stuff. I cannot recommend Nutty Caramel Apple and Honey Nut Tobacco more highly. And both are even better when you add a little cinnamon to them. And Terra loves his Unicorn Juice. We’ve only tried a few but we love what we’ve tried.

The most popular (especially on Reddit) seem to be Honey Peary and Hobbes’ Blood. I haven’t tried the first but I’m here to talk about Hobbes’ Blood. The site description calls it watermelon and strawberry with “a light hint of coconut”. In May, I got a bottle and immediately hated it. It tasted like the white part of a melon between the flesh and the actual rind. A tiny bit sweet but more like a cucumber than any kind of melon. And no trace of strawberry, let alone coconut. And I couldn’t get that cucumber taste out of anything I put it in – Protank, RBA, etc..

So, I hear you already – let it steep! Fine, I did. A week later, it was less crisp but still the same flavor. A month later, same thing. Well, one day I was looking at his site and noticed “Coolcumber Melon”. Did he send me the wrong juice? The more I thought it over and read reviews that almost unanimously described Hobbes’ Blood as fruity, I decided this must be the case.

So, a few days ago, I bought some more – in the largest size he offers. That’s how convinced I was. And how much I believed the reputation. It sounds like a vape we’d love. I even included a note telling him this whole story.

Well, I got it today and I’m pretty sure there was no mistake. It tastes like what I described before. I know taste is subjective, but sheesh, how can what I taste (Terra, too) be so drastically different from what everyone else tastes?

My only hope is that it they are two different flavors but both have the same ingredient that makes it taste so cucumbery. So, the new Hobbes’ Blood is in my sunny kitchen window, waiting. I bought a 60mL bottle (!) and, after reading my story, he chose to send along another 15mL plus I’ve got at least 10mL of the first bottle. So, that’s about 85mL of this stuff.

If I still hate it after it’s had a couple weeks, I’ll sell/trade it on Reddit. It’s primarily because of their hype that I have it to begin with.

As I said, I love The Vapor Chef – the flavors, the prices, everything. This has been the only exception to complete and total awesomeness. If you are considering buying from him, do it. I only carry business cards from two vape companies in my wallet to give new/fellow vapers and he’s one of them. This is not a complaint of quality – I’d take that to him in private. This is just an emotional negative review because our hopes were so high. If his stuff wasn’t so consistently awesome, our expectations wouldn’t have been so high and we wouldn’t be so disappointed :)

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  1. I have had the Hobbes Blood before and it is definitely very strawberry, too much so for my taste. I call it a strawberry bubblegum, but overly fruity…

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