No school today

So, my schedule was a little off. I don’t like non-school days.

It was a heavy conversation day. The best part of marriage is you never have to face anything alone ever again. Even personal demons. It’s a beautiful thing.

After all many things, we’ve decided the cats win – we’re getting a litter box tomorrow. It will be kept outside and it will be Wesley’s job to clean it. See, we have all rocks in our yard and the kitties won’t do their business outside. Defeat sucks but what they’ve done to the carpet, two rugs, Wesley’s bed, Wesley’s backpack, and my leather couch (!) sucks worse.

Made a new revision of the mexi-chicken rice bake thing and it was really good. Remind me to post the new recipe.

Terra and I listened to Wormwood 1.05-06 and Second Shift 1.08, which was an incredible episode. 07 was not and I was a little nervous – I’ve been loving this show more than any other and I’m waiting for it to stall out so I am thrilled 08 was great and even brought in a new subplot.

Oh, and we watched Walking Dead 3.10. The Andrea situation is REALLY stretching credulity with us. But we’re far from giving up on the show.

And I am attempting a return to Achaea. Blowtorch on my phone. Dunno if it will work or not.

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