I didn’t realize what an eventful week it was until I started writing this post!

Had an awesome time at Jason and Andy’s on Sunday. He made shish kebabs and she made cheese quesadillas for Wesley and Faith. Then they played in their little pool while we hung out and chatted around the back patio table.

Monday night, we tried Five Guys Burgers for dinner. Meh. It was OK. Way too messy. Next time, I’ll skip the mushrooms and grilled onions and maybe it’ll hold together better. Wesley made a huge mess of his. But, Terra loved it.

We slowly are building up our bicycle riding legs. And, uh, breaking in our, uh, seats. If ya know what I mean.
I am having all kinds of issues with the apps from both MapMyRide and Strava. GPS issues, specifically. It seems to need a reliable phone signal – not just GPS signal. It keeps showing my original position correctly and then – when our cell coverage gets iffy, which does happen all over our neighborhood – it says it has a GPS connection but still shows me at my starting point or to the point where I lost cell signal.
Very annoying – I’m losing a lot of workout data.

I have had very very mild allergies the last week and Wednesday it became a little more than mild. I guess something got in my left ear. It was ringing the second half of the day and then some roaring.
Yesterday, when I woke up, the roaring was so bad I was wincing during our morning devotions. By the time I was getting Wesley ready for school, I couldn’t hardly hear through it. Took some Sudafed and it went back down to ringing but I also had very annoying vertigo all day.
Last night, at bedtime, Terra suggested I take an allergy pill. Yeah, that did it. In fact, it worked too fast – the vertigo kept getting worse and eventually I was laying there, nauseous and sweaty like I had food poisoning or a hangover. Didn’t get to sleep for a long time – it was after 10 – then the alarm went off at 345. Maybe I’ll have a nap.
Anyway, today it seems to be mostly gone. Still some ringing but that’s it.

Oh, and I moved the bar back to its original location. It sucks when guests are here in the cafe and I’m in the the far corner of the kitchen when making drinks. No matter how pretty it is, it’s just not the same as being there in the conversation.

Yeah, it ain’t pretty – more like that mad scientist or workshop look. But I knew it would. At least I’m there, a part of the cafe again.
The frame on the wall is gonna have pics of previous incarnations of the bar as soon as I get the prints made. Monday, I hope.

Speaking of the home cafe, Mark Mason came for his usual Friday morning coffee and we’re almost out of espresso beans so I made him siphon coffee on the stove. It’s his first time to witness siphon coffee so that was cool.

Finally got Terra her own Phoenix RDA. I built her a custom EkoWool microcoil (came out to 1.8 and she prefers in the 2.4 range, oops) and added her favorite pink drip tip and she tried it the first time last night and seems to like it more than she thought she would. She’s been pretty much exclusively on Protanks for a month, maybe closer to two. Anyway, I hope she keeps trying it. It’s pretty much all I use, except for my Phoenix v4 for my after dinner cinnamon vape.

Have I mentioned that the group Terra goes to every Monday night is now doing a study of The Screwtape Letters? It was my idea :)
In October, I’m gonna start the church’s Self-Confrontation class on Tuesday evenings. I’ve taken it before, a few years ago, was even offered to teach it at one point. But, I’m desperate for some kind of class to go to. Besides, it’s a great class and hopefully will open some further opportunities for me. Get me back on the radar screen, at least.

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