Friday, sept 28, 2012

Terra and I successfully started our new routine this morning.  Had a time of prayer after I took Wesley to his bus, then she did some homework, then we went and ran a couple errands.

Got a couple more Halloween decorations I’m very excited about.
I’ve decided I’m gonna go ahead and put up decorations this weekend with Wesley rather than wait until Monday (the first).  Probably tomorrow.

The buckle on one of my favorite sandals broke today.  This is like the fourth time.  And they’re Dr. Martens, which should last forever!  Fortunately, we buy Docs we come across at thrift stores all the time, so there’s always a pair I can cannibalize a buckle off of.  But this is silly.  I don’t think it happened last summer but the summer before that it happened twice.  Always the same buckle, too. I have no idea how I do it.

Made an experiment for dinner – taco meatloaf – and it turned out really good.

Tomorrow, Justin Moore and Steve Puentes are coming over.  I think the last time the three of us were together was in my classroom when I was still teaching at the church.  I haven’t seen Steve at all since those days though I’ve seen Justin recently – he helped us move and we went and had dinner with his family a couple months back.

Wesley and I watched Bubba Ho-tep on Netflix streaming tonight – first time for both if us but it’s one I’ve been wanting to see for a long time.  I really didn’t much care for it.

Made some sugar syrup for the coffee bar in anticipation of guests tomorrow.  One cup demararra sugar, half cup water, microwave and stir until all sugar dissolved and I added a bar spoon of pure vanilla extract.  I think it turned out ok but I’ll let the guests decide.

Got very little housework done and don’t feel good about it.  Will have to catch up tomorrow.  I already warned my guests that they’ll be watching me do housework during their visit.
For my sanity, I must have social interaction while being a stay at home dad.  Since the work still needs to be done daily, that means people coming over, but the work must still be done.  Both are just the way it’s gotta be.

So, the balloon fiesta plan so far is Terra, Wesley, and I are going the first day, which is a Saturday, then on the last day, which is a Sunday, we’re going again and Matt Weeks is coming with us.  He will spend the night before – that’s the way we’d do it way back in the day when it was just him and I when I lived here before.

Terra keeps getting home really late.  I mean like 1130, midnight sort of late.  It’s been a couple of months since we stopped having slumber party nights and had begun new things to do alone as a couple and now we’re not able to do those new things lately.
Something’s got to change somehow.

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