Moby Dick | 2010 | Stef Penney, Kate McCall

Two 50ish minute parts.

I can’t take these actors seriously. A bit cartoonish. And most of them aren’t very good at the more archaic English. It’s precise, not natural.

But, everything else works – I’m totally wrapped up in the story. Though, I feel the second part has a bit too much narration, speeches, soliloquy, etc.. The first part was so much fun with all the details describing life on a whaling boat. The writing is great all around, though obviously that’s the source material

I give it a C+ because it did much more right than wrong and I enjoyed it. I am keeping a copy of it but only because I want to listen to the first half again sometime.

Moby Dick
from Wikipedia
In October 2010, BBC Radio 4‘s Classic Serial broadcast a new two-part adaptation of the novel by Stef Penney, produced and directed by Kate McAll with specially composed music by Stuart Gordon and starring Garrick Hagon as Ahab, Trevor Whiteas the narrating Ishmael, PJ Brennan as the young Ishmael of the story, Richard Laing as Starbuck and Sani Muliaumaseali’i as Queequeg.

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