Monday, Sept 10

I swapped out the lock nut type thing from my old Kyocera grinder into the new Porlex grinder.  The internals of the two seem to be identical yet we can’t seem to get as fine a grind.  With this old nut in, it does cinch down tighter and I almost choked my espresso machine this morning so that’s a good sign.  Still have the bubbles issue, though.

Kept Wesley home from school today.  He’s been kicking it on the couch all day watching a ‘how stuff is made’ show on Netflix for Kids.  He felt fine all day but, after a fever half of yesterday and most of the night, it seemed the thing to do.

Cleaned house, mopped the kitchen, listened to some Bible to try to get caught up on my reading plan.  Tried to nap a bit – got about half an hour.

Terra had to leave at 7 so we got up at 530.  Always harder to wake up when it’s still dark.  And we got to bed late.

Tonight, we are starting a “no phones in bed” policy because we both (uh, and especially I) lay there way too long after we should be sleeping.
(I am therefore gonna start typing this daily recap post up throughout the day and finalize it at our nightly quiet time.)

Out favorite internet radio station, – Chilled, is down this afternoon, presumably because of the GoDaddy outage/attack.

I am trying, again, to make a mexi-chicken rice bake sort of thing.  The last try was total disaster.  If it’s good, I’ll post the recipe.
UPDATE: It was sensational! :)

Wesley finally fell asleep on the couch and Terra is having a nap and my favorite internet radio station is out.  It’s just way too quiet in here.

I got a category-specific recent posts widget for my sidebar to list the ten previous daily recaps and a separate one for everything else.

I have put our phone chargers across the bedroom.  I have been making updates to this post all day.  It’s now time to go put my phone on the charger, set my internet radio alarm clock app, put my audio Bible app on, set the sleep timer, hit the ‘going to sleep now’ button on my SleepBot app (it’s on a15 minute delay), and try to go right to sleep rather than laying there wishing I was Pinteresting or reading my news feeds, etc..
It’s the only way I’ll get this sleep debt down…

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