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Recent tweets as of May 7, 2016

Christmas 2013, Act Three

I’ve spent probably 30 hours on this. And I still don’t like it.
I like the other two vids I made but I just can’t get this one right. I’ve edited and re-edited and re-edited – I even started completely over once – and now I’m just abandoning it and hoping it’s not as bad as it seems to me.
But, considering it’s the second week of January and no matter what I do, I’m still not satisfied with it, I’m just walking away and posting it as is…

Wesley’s pink eye


Those tweets pretty much say all that needs be said. That and grrrrr.
So, he goes back to school tomorrow after being out Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Anyway, we watched the latest episode of The Walking Dead (3.13, I guess) and it continues to lose me. It’s good tv (which is not the same as ‘good movie’ or ‘good book’ or even ‘good graphic novel’) but I know there’s good tv out there and I’m just not interested in tv, good or bad. It’s just too time-consuming for very little in return. It’s why I don’t have cable or whatever and haven’t for years.
There are very very few shows that I get enough from that I would re-watch episodes. Most tv is just a consumable – you experience it once and then you move on. If I do something for entertainment, I want it to be something that has some merit that deserves repeated review for closer analysis. Good tv is like a good meal – enjoyable while it lasts but transitory. And, hey, fine, it should be enjoyable. But, again, it’s not what I’m into.

And we listened to Chapter 5 of We’re Alive. I’m not too hot for this one but Terra likes it and it doesn’t suck or anything so it is an ongoing part of our family audio theater time.

Then, we continued our new Thursday night ritual of watching Twilight Zone episodes in our bedroom after Wesley goes to bed. Tonight we did three (3.13-15) and they were all duds. Bummer. I wanted to go one more but I was just too sleepy.

On that note, tomorrow resumes the normal routine and schedule now that Wesley is returning to school and Terra’s work weekend begins.

Vamo 18650 frustrations

As I feared, a 3.7V batt run at 6V doesn’t last long. Like 5-6 hours. So, I need a second 18650. Or a couple 18350s – that would be better. I run two RCR123As in my Prodigy – between 3-3.2V each – and they last me most of a day.
Tomorrow, I’m gonna go hit the battery shop and see what I come up with. I’ve had to use my Prodigy half of today and that’s unacceptable.

Anyway, in other news, Wesley has pink eye. Welcome to being a parent, I suppose.

And, I made mexi-fish tonight but didn’t use the pico de gallo I usually get from Walmart. I made something myself with tomatoes, onion, cukes, bell pepper, cilantro, and lime juice. It was pretty great, we all thought.


Btw, as you can tell from the picture, daylight saving time is a beeyotch. It’s ruining the ambience of our 6pm candlelit dinners. Sigh. Time to think up a new dinner table centerpiece.

After dinner, it was homework time for Wesley and Terra while I cleaned the kitchen, then played Final Fantasy VI Advance. On a GBA emulator on my Android phone. It’s my first time playing it and I think it’s pretty great. I’m not much for pre-9 FF – haven’t enjoyed (and therefore quit playing after only a few hours) 3, 5, 7, or 8. But I’m loving 6 so far.
Btw, I am a slobbering fan of 9, 12, and Tactics. 10 was meh and I quit after 20 hours or so, 13 was very meh so I made it about as far.
Anyway, Wesley also played what we’re deeming “thinking games” on the PS3 as part of his homework time again – the experiment continues.

The night ended with all of us listening to a Jungle Jam episode followed by The Leviathan Chronicles 1.10. We were loving Leviathan Chronicles until 1.08 when all this stuff that happened hundreds of years ago started. 10 wasn’t so bad, though, and we’re glad to be back in modern day to the story we signed up for.

My new vapo – first mod I’ve ever bought

So, today we drove out to Oasis Vape in Albuquerque and bought me a Vamo V2. Variable voltage, variable wattage, and they call it “variable battery” in that it can use an 18650, an 18350 or two 18350s.
They were out of chargers, so, I had to wait until we got back to Rio Rancho, went to our usual Route 66 Vapor and got a charger. Got home, put the battery on and no red light. Drove all the way back to Oasis, showed them, they found out the battery was bad and gave me another. Oasis and back plus time in-store is about an hour each time so it was a lot of driving time today. (Made possible by my newly replaced license.)
This is not my first mod but the first I’ve bought. I’ve been using a Prodigy V3.1 @ 6V for about a year but it was given to me. Before that was a couple years of nothing but eGos – from a 650 to a 650 pass through to a 900 pass through with maybe a couple in between. So, this really is only my third mode of vaping in as many years. I find what works and stick with it. I’ve been convinced for a long time that I wanted variable voltage and now I have it so I’m happy. It’s a huge device but, meh. (If I swap out the battery with an 18350, the lower part of the tube is removable and it’d be only a little bit longer than my Prodigy.)

Showing here with my Prodigy for comparison…


After that whole quest was over, Terra and Wesley did some homework while I tinkered, then he played The Cave on PS3 while we watched and gently guided. This is a new idea. Adding thinking, puzzle-solving games to his evening homework time.

Then, we listened to a Jungle Jam episode and then Second Shift 1.11. Next is the season finale! I love love love this show.

In other news, I think I’m over being sick but not done getting over being sick. Still unmotivated and tire easily.

Monday, Sept 10

I swapped out the lock nut type thing from my old Kyocera grinder into the new Porlex grinder.  The internals of the two seem to be identical yet we can’t seem to get as fine a grind.  With this old nut in, it does cinch down tighter and I almost choked my espresso machine this morning so that’s a good sign.  Still have the bubbles issue, though.

Kept Wesley home from school today.  He’s been kicking it on the couch all day watching a ‘how stuff is made’ show on Netflix for Kids.  He felt fine all day but, after a fever half of yesterday and most of the night, it seemed the thing to do.

Cleaned house, mopped the kitchen, listened to some Bible to try to get caught up on my reading plan.  Tried to nap a bit – got about half an hour.

Terra had to leave at 7 so we got up at 530.  Always harder to wake up when it’s still dark.  And we got to bed late.

Tonight, we are starting a “no phones in bed” policy because we both (uh, and especially I) lay there way too long after we should be sleeping.
(I am therefore gonna start typing this daily recap post up throughout the day and finalize it at our nightly quiet time.)

Out favorite internet radio station, 181.fm – Chilled, is down this afternoon, presumably because of the GoDaddy outage/attack.

I am trying, again, to make a mexi-chicken rice bake sort of thing.  The last try was total disaster.  If it’s good, I’ll post the recipe.
UPDATE: It was sensational! :)

Wesley finally fell asleep on the couch and Terra is having a nap and my favorite internet radio station is out.  It’s just way too quiet in here.

I got a category-specific recent posts widget for my sidebar to list the ten previous daily recaps and a separate one for everything else.

I have put our phone chargers across the bedroom.  I have been making updates to this post all day.  It’s now time to go put my phone on the charger, set my internet radio alarm clock app, put my audio Bible app on, set the sleep timer, hit the ‘going to sleep now’ button on my SleepBot app (it’s on a15 minute delay), and try to go right to sleep rather than laying there wishing I was Pinteresting or reading my news feeds, etc..
It’s the only way I’ll get this sleep debt down…

What a great day :)

Woke up (late – I guess lack of sleep caught up to me) to find the breakfast crock pot casserole thing turned out pretty good.
We love this new house, new dining room set, and loved eating a nice breakfast as a family in the morning light in a nice dining room at a nice table.
I made cappuccinos and they weren’t too bad.  I clearly need more practice and better beans.

We saw quite a few balloons this morning, a few were close enough to identify in our book we keep by the windows.  The Camelot, Sandia Sunrise, and Hearts A’Fire all came quite close.
So that was awesome.

Made it to church on time – that’s always good.

After church, we went over to the Cottonwood Walmart and got Way Out West biscochitos (the best I’ve ever had and they’re not widely available) for Miss Karen’s visit.
We rushed home to clean up a bit of mess in the kitchen, got the table set with the plates and napkins, and put on Couer de Pirate’s first album, which we thought she’d like since she is a piano player and music is a very big part of her life in many ways.
We put all that effort into it because we love having guests that much :)
(For the record, we knew the plates and napkins wouldn’t even be used – they just make the table look so nice!)
I brought out the rarely-used tabletop siphon and made coffee for the ladies (we also picked up butane at the Walmart) and served it with the biscochitos.  We had an awesome visit with her :)


She is a dear friend we knew at church in Alamogordo – she was the main planner of our wedding and moved up here a couple months before we did and we haven’t seen her since then.

Btw, she gave us a hand-made card as a house-warming gift…


After she left, I gave Wesley a bath, Terra made a little dinner, and then we watched Explorers – a childhood favorite of mine they’d never seen that is suddenly available on Netflix streaming – a very pleasant surprise.

Wesley was complaining of a headache during Miss Karen’s visit and fell asleep on the couch.  He rarely falls asleep during the day.  During the movie he was feeling hot.  Terra gave him some children’s Tylenol and we brought his mattress into our room and he’s sleeping on the floor.  He’s asleep already – when I get done typing this up, I’ll go feel him again.

The weather today was awesome again, very cool.  In the early and late part of the day, we had all the doors and windows open – was still too warm to do that in the warmest part of the day before two and four.  But it does feel like fall is finally coming.

Anyway, all in all, a great, full day.
Tomorrow, we have to get up at 530 so she can head for work in Grants at 7 and obviously he may or may not be going to school.  She has two job interviews this week, we have a school meeting, she starts the self-confrontation class on Wednesday evening, so this will be a very busy week.