More gaming anecdotes?

As of 2pm, I can say this is a very productive day.

I’m living vicariously through Wesley, I think. I’m letting him play Dreamcast games again today.

I’m really looking forward to PSO & Art Bell on Sunday night.

Btw, Nina is out of town for two weeks so our weekly Gauntlet Dark Legacy session with Wesley is cancelled tomorrow and next week.

Oh, and I think I “fixed” Wesley’s Wii. I vacuumed all the dust out of it and now it works.

Another brief storm this evening. Thunder, lightning, lights dimming, will probably only last 10 minutes. It is the desert after all. We go through this weather every June.
(Update, 30mins later, bedtime – it’s still raining, but the wind, lightning, and thunder have mostly subsided.)

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