The work weekend is over already?

It’s been gorgeous this morning. 1030am, all doors open, 77 degrees inside with occasional wisp of cool air. Nag Champa burning on the front porch, the scent wafting gently in, diluted with fresh air.

Wesley requested to try his hand at Final Fantasy XII – a favorite of mine. I’m about 130hrs in. Over a 4 and a half year period, though. Anyway, he did ok as long as I was there to read things to him. I figure he might be able to play it if he just optimizes equipment from time to time, sells loot, fights manually (gambits off – he can’t grasp that whole system), and has some guidance and assistance (e.g. manage the license grid for him) available.

And, get this – I found Re-Volt for my (Android) phone. Again, my favorite racing game ever. I downloaded the free version and I’ll give it a try. I don’t really play games on my phone. I have a GBA emulator I use to play Final Fantasy VI but that’s pretty much it. And I can’t imagine a racing game will work well on a phone. But we’ll see.

I predict a good week. Tomorrow, church and probably have the Masons for coffee after. Then PSO SPN :)
Hopefully Monday, I want to get to Vapor Rio – a vape shop very close to us. We went in when they first opened and weren’t impressed (selection, prices) but we keep hearing good things about their flavors, so we’re gonna give them another look.

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