Wednesday, sept 12, 2012

My sleep debt is down to 7:38 thanks to not taking my phone to bed.  But, I woke up very early and had a hard time getting back to sleep.  Well, we go to bed at 9 and get up at 7 most days.  So, a change will have to be made.  But, I think that change is about to happen because of her new job.  She will be getting home at 10:30 four nights a week, and if I change my sleep requirement to seven hours a night (which I think is all I need), that would mean a bedtime of midnight would work out nicely.  That gives her a little wind down time after work, us a little time together, yet doesn’t interfere with my schedule (getting Wesley ready for school, etc.).
We’re having talks about whether I should be a full time house husband again.  I really want to work, but with her schedule, he’d always be at a babysitter and basically have no parents.  It’s bad enough he will see her very very little.  Plus, I’d have to get off work, get him, make dinner, then it’s bedtime.  And all cooking and housework would be on me anyway, plus a full time job.  Which means quick dinners and “good enough” housekeeping – a situation neither of us wants.  We’ll have to see how her schedule and floating weekends works out.

A couple balloons floated by close enough to identify them in our book – Patriot and Re-Max.  Balloon watching has become an exciting part of our mornings, even if they don’t get very close.


I am a genius…  At the nursing home in Alamogordo (her last job with regular hours – a YEAR ago), she used to come home to candlelit dinners with cloth napkins and the whole bit.  If I’m being a house husband while she works, it would be time to start that sort of thing again BUT she’s coming home LONG after dinner.  Well, it occurred to me that she could come home to a bubble bath!  Then, we stop having our weekend spns thing when I read a romance novel to her and we do that every work night instead of once a week.  A bubble bath and a chapter from our romance novel!  Eh?  Genius, right?  I think so.  And she loves the idea :)

Terra went in to her new job to do some paperwork and orientation type stuff.  Life will change drastically very soon.  Scary yet exciting.  And many rules in our family creed will be hard or impossible to sick to.  At least until she can get a day shift.

Tonight, we’ve decided to go ahead and shift bedtime to 10 and therefore quiet time at 830ish.  That will mean more free time after dinner (usually 6) so that will be nice, too.

It’s a crop of a bad pic but can you see Christmas Kitty silhouetted on our back wall watching cars go by?


I saw that out our bedroom window last night but just couldn’t get a good pic with my phone.

It was cloudy all day with occasional brief drizzles.  Now, at 4p, it’s raining with thunder.  Doubt it will last long.  I’ve had the doors open most of the day.  Fall really is coming.  REALLY looking forward to Halloween month.
UPDATE:  It poured for quite awhile.  And a little water leaked through the AC intake thing in the entryway.  It’s very wet outside now so I think it’s safe to assume no balloons will fly tomorrow :(

Terra went to her first self-confrontation class tonight and Wesley and I sat and watched YouTube videos.  I introduced him to Matt Harding of fame and found out he has a new video for 2012, which I shared with Terra when she got home.

Btw, that’s how I discovered that the PS3 YouTube app is having issues since the PS3 FW 4.25 update this morning.  I am extremely not happy about it.  It hangs on shots that are very busy and colorful in HD so I think it’s a memory caching issue.

We watched episodes 15 and 16 of H+ (which is in HD) and the issues consistently happened on the opening WB logo.

And I’m not going to say what happened to our wedding certificate today but suffice it to say it will never be the same again and that’s very sad.

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