Vape update


On the left are our old Vamos and our new ones are on the right.

She finally got a pink Vamo but not the one she originally wanted.

In April, a vape site listed colored (painted brass) Vamos for pre-order and expected to ship in a few weeks – it would have been a week or so after her birthday on May 3. One of the colors available was a great bubblegum pink. She was very excited, we placed an order. At this point, she still used an eGo exclusively.
But her birthday came and went and they still weren’t available and postponed seemingly indefinitely. So we got her a stainless steel and a pink wrap. With the promise that we’d buy the pink one when it came out, I’d take her new one and my chromed brass one (the ugly one in the pic above) would become our spare.
Well, the painted ones still haven’t materialized but now anodized aluminum Vamos are out in a few colors so we got her the hot pink (meh, fuchsia) and the rest went as planned. Since hers has been in a wrap, it looks brand new and my new IGO-L atop it matches perfectly. She made a macrame dangly (I chose the thread and found the pink beads), added her nail art stickers and even adorned her Protank to match.

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