Finished Second Shift season one and other exciting things

It is, by far, my favorite audio theater series. And that was a great episode.

We had a big day out, just Terra and I. Haven’t done that in awhile. We stopped at church (Calvary Chapel Rio Rancho, not our new church) and let everyone know we’re ok and we haven’t left the church or anything. And we had a long talk with Kathy Force. She’s been one of my favorite people there for years and we need to have her over for coffee.

We went to Route 66 Vapor and Terra got a new pink eGo. I intended to get another Vivi Nova tank but they didn’t have the one I wanted. I have been wanting lately to try flavors again and so I got their Blueberry and Cotton Candy. Both are terrible. Total waste of money. I feared they might be but took a chance and lost.

Btw, yeah, Vivi Nova… There’s a smoke shop near our house that recently opened and they carry a few vape things. I stopped in the other day and ended up walking out with a Vivi Nova. The big 3.5mL kind. It looks good on my Vamo. I have tried the disposable type before and hated it. And Terra’s had bad luck, even with the nice, rebuildable kind. But, less and less people are carrying cartomizers so I’ve been wanting to give them a real try. So far, I’m cautiously optimistic. I did immediately blow the first one I got somehow but managed to replace the coil with one from Terra’s briefly used Vivi Mini and it’s been working fine. Well, as fine as can be expected with this 100% VG I use. I think I’ll be able to use them. But it’s only been a few days.

Anyway, after that we stopped in the above mentioned smoke shop and I got a second Vivi Nova and an extra 2.4ohm head. He sells his stuff pretty cheap, btw. $10 and $3.50, respectively, for today’s purchase. I got the head as a spare (since I’ve yet to acquire wire and wick to rebuild coils), knowing I might just put it on Terra’s previously mentioned briefly used Vivi Mini. Come to find out, it doesn’t fit a Mini. Then, come to find out, it doesn’t fit mine either. So, I ended up giving her the head from the one I just bought. So, now we each have a working Vivi and I have a few spare parts.

We walked around Savers and then went to Michael’s. Terra wants to start making jewelry so we went there for that but I came across a great little glass bottle. I’ve been wanting one to put spring water in and keep next to the whiskey and glasses on the hearth, so, total score :) But, when we were looking at string, I recognized a name so I whipped out my phone and Googled it and, sure enough, it is the bamboo thread stuff I have seen a few people say they’ve used as wicks in their rebuildable tanks. Like our Vivis. So, I got that and now I just need wire.
And she got some cord and beads.

I was so busy playing with the new vape stuff that I didn’t get dinner started on time, grrrr. So, we got some Taco Bell.

The night ended with Jungle Jam with Wesley and then the Second Shift episode I started this post with. I am very much looking forward to season two.
I mention the show so often in these posts, I should probably have a Second Shift tag.

Anyway, here’s my Vamo in short mode (a single 18350) and the Vivi Nova.


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