Wesley’s pink eye


Those tweets pretty much say all that needs be said. That and grrrrr.
So, he goes back to school tomorrow after being out Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Anyway, we watched the latest episode of The Walking Dead (3.13, I guess) and it continues to lose me. It’s good tv (which is not the same as ‘good movie’ or ‘good book’ or even ‘good graphic novel’) but I know there’s good tv out there and I’m just not interested in tv, good or bad. It’s just too time-consuming for very little in return. It’s why I don’t have cable or whatever and haven’t for years.
There are very very few shows that I get enough from that I would re-watch episodes. Most tv is just a consumable – you experience it once and then you move on. If I do something for entertainment, I want it to be something that has some merit that deserves repeated review for closer analysis. Good tv is like a good meal – enjoyable while it lasts but transitory. And, hey, fine, it should be enjoyable. But, again, it’s not what I’m into.

And we listened to Chapter 5 of We’re Alive. I’m not too hot for this one but Terra likes it and it doesn’t suck or anything so it is an ongoing part of our family audio theater time.

Then, we continued our new Thursday night ritual of watching Twilight Zone episodes in our bedroom after Wesley goes to bed. Tonight we did three (3.13-15) and they were all duds. Bummer. I wanted to go one more but I was just too sleepy.

On that note, tomorrow resumes the normal routine and schedule now that Wesley is returning to school and Terra’s work weekend begins.

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