Great day off with Terra (Oct 7, 2012)

She was off today, finally.

The day started with finding out the balloons did launch after all. And we have a lousy view – little more than dots in the distance. And none of the sites that stream the event work on the PS3 browser anymore (and we don’t own a computer). And, of course, we don’t have tv.
So, the balloon fiesta barely exists for us this year. We will be going next weekend and hoping they launch.

Went to church. Talked to pastor Kevin Babb. He is gonna come over on Wednesday. I have something I need to discuss with him.
More on that as it happens.

Terra and I watched four episodes of The Walking Dead season 2. I tell ya, that show has drugs in it. Like the comic does.

We got Papa John’s for dinner and a bottle of Little Penguin Cab Sauv.

All three of us watched Little Shop of Horrors on Netflix streaming in HD.
Then, we sent him to bed, Terra made iced Americanos, and we watched The Eye – first time for both of us. It was ok. A perfectly acceptable Halloween movie.

It was a great lazy day.
Those are very rare.

I also heard from my good friend Nina I haven’t seen since the old days when I saw her every day and she is coming over tomorrow evening and I’m very excited about that.

Btw, there is a Halloween internet radio station (called “Seasons Radio” – you can find it on Shoutcast) I’m really liking that plays nothing but Nox Arcana and Midnight Syndicate and I have to say I’m loving the music.

Tomorrow, while Wesley is at school, we are going to the 12:15 showing of Moonrise Kingdom – which will be the first time we’ve seen a Wes Anderson film in the theater.

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