25 sept 2012 – chicken, pasta, white sauce (and cinnamon French toast brunch)

Blah.  The usual…

I cooked chicken those chicken thigh parts from Walmart, and then added Alfredo sauce.

And wheat rotini pasta.

I forgot a vegetable but had some canned asparagus.  I’ve never made asparagus.  I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten it.  I brushed it with butter then breaded it with a mixture of Italian bread crumbs, granulated garlic, brall, oregano, s&p, typed it with parmesan, and baked it 15 minutes at 400.
It was gross.

All this was served with garlic bread.

I wasn’t happy with any of it, so meh.  It didn’t make enough for leftovers and I’m happy about that though it means I have to cook again tomorrow.

But, the cinnamon French toast with cream cheese icing and cappuccinos was great.  Btw, I cooked them at medium heat in a pan with a lid and they got thoroughly done.  They sometimes don’t get done inside when I use Texas toast bread.

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