Sept 15, 2012 – our last Saturday, and an awesome one it was :)

Forgot to say on yesterday’s recap…
Terra and I spent some time on the big bath area in our room yesterday.  We’d found some sheer fabric at a thrift store – like a curtain panel and valance in the lavender color she’s been wanting to go with in there – and we used it as a decoration under the lights on the big mirror on the double vanity and the valance piece became a skirt for the tub.  It looks ok.  It’s a good start, anyway.

So today is our first try of an idea we’ve had…  We collected recipes on Pinterest all week, compared our lists this morning, decided which one sounded best (yummy and fun to make) and we’re gonna go buy the stuff and make it together.  And the rule is no canned, dried, frozen, etc. – everything fresh.
We’re starting with this chicken bruschetta recipe.

Moogle has an ugly spot on him’s mouth today.


No idea what that is.

Had a great time at Whole Foods Market.  They have lots of samples on the weekends and I tried a few of them :)
(I unthinkingly let Terra eat lunch on the way.  We stopped at Satellite Coffee and got her an Americana breakfast burrito and a caramel Frio, so she was stuffed by the time we got there.  We also got a half pound or so of their espresso blend and I can’t wait to try it.  Maybe we’ll have some decent espresso for a change.)
Anyway, I guess it’s the anniversary of that Whole Foods because the samples available included a big chocolate birthday cake that was incredible.  We shared a large piece as we walked around, gathering fresh basil, garlic, parmesan, and tomatoes.  We needed a side to go with the chicken dish we were gonna make and the deli section had a smoked mozzarella pasta salad we got a half pound of.  After all that, we wondered what wine we might get so we wandered into the wine section, where a very helpful employee listened to what we were going to make, asked a couple questions, then guided us into a choice that was not only inexpensive but turned out to be fantastic with the food.  We also got a dessert from the produce section – apples that had been cored and stuffed with walnuts, pecans, dried cranberries, cinnamon and sugar, etc..
The trip cost us $40 total but made us wish we could shop at Whole Foods every time we went grocery shopping.  (It’s not that it’s that expensive, it’s just way far from where we live.)

Once we got home, we put on some Art Bell and started cooking.  It took a couple hours with all the dicing, mincing, mixing, etc. but then that was the point :)   Once we pulled dinner out of the oven, we put the apples in and sat down and ate while Norah Jones sang to us.  It was truly great :)  As we were having our last bites, the apples got done baking.  They were good but I think I’d like to try making them myself so I can balance out the filling the way we’d prefer it.

After dinner, Wesley went to his room to have his slumber party night and we settled into the couch and I read her two more chapters in our romance novel.

Since the new schedule means weekends will be redefined, we think we’ll do this every other “weekend”.

This is the sort of day we fantasized about for SO long, stuck in Alamogordo, in mom’s house, talking about someday when we move to Albuquerque.
It is what we want our life to be like.
It is our idea of perfection :)

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