Sept 25, 2012 – a very nice day with Terra

Yesterday, Terra was on call all day so it wasn’t totally a real day off – this was her first real day off.

I made cinnamon French toast with cream cheese icing and this year’s first large cappuccinos for us this morning.


We discovered the music (and dance) of Lindsey Stirling.

We watched Restless.  I say of it what I said about Rabbit Hole – I’m genuinely glad it exists, someone out there needs this film in their life right now.  But I don’t.  That doesn’t make it a bad film – I thought both were very good films – but neither speaks to me personally – I couldn’t relate.  But I’m glad I saw them.  Someday I might need either one of them.  And I may very well meet someone who needs one of them and now I’ll know to recommend it.

Made a dinner I really didn’t like but Terra did.  Chicken and pasta with alfredo sauce, garlic bread, and a baked parmesan asparagus thing I really thought might work but I hated it.

Remember how I said she was working on the first day of balloon fiesta?  Well, that has changed.  The scheduler from work called and left a voicemail asking her to call back, she had a favor to ask.  Terra assumed the worst – they wanted her to come in today.  I finally persuaded her to call and she wanted her to switch a day with someone.  It wasn’t until after she accepted and hung up that I realized it meant she’d now be off the first day of balloon fiesta.

We actually watched two movies today – both without Wesley, which is a rarity.  We watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in HD on Netflix streaming.  We’ve both seen it once before, both several years back.  It is certainly a powerful film with a profound message.  But I think once every few years is good enough for me.

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