Barfing, BCC gurgle fix, Vapor Rio e-liquids

Wesley’s been doing that thing again. Stuffing his cheeks full when he eats. No idea why and he doesn’t explain. It’s been an occasional thing for the last month or so. I’ve been thinking of ordering him to stop but I figured he’d figure it out himself.
And today he did.
At lunch he gagged and puked all over my nice clean table with nice clean centerpiece.
Next time, I’ll just order him to stop. He can learn the lessons on his own that I don’t have to clean anything up.
Wait, are there any?
It’s not a job – it’s an adventure.


Tried ideas from this thread (and link contained therein) on /r/ecr about fixing gurgles/leaks on BCCs like Evods and Protanks on a Protank that leaks no matter what I do and it seems to have fixed it.
It currently has the watermelon from Vapor Rio in it.
Btw, so far, their juices suck. It’s been almost a week and they are both still very perfumy. Actually, ‘colongey’ – the smell reminds me of Old Spice Leather that I wore as a kid. The two flavors have gone into our juice box with the intent of forgetting about them and hopefully, next time we think about them, they will have steeped/aged/whatever long enough. Though, I also have a Protank of each in our vape rack so we can try them from time to time.

Don’t know why this work weekend has seemed so long, but it has and it’s finally over and we’re both exhausted. Saturday nights are our sleep catch-up nights and we’re both very glad.

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