Enjoying some days off

Kathy Force came for coffee yesterday. It was a great time. She and Terra and I hung out in the cafe, I made her a mocha latte with that great Torani dark choc syrup, then she also ended up having a press of some of the last of the MTC Kenya AA we have. She really enjoyed it.


It sounds like she might start coming by every Monday. We’re all for it.

Before she showed up, we ordered some Juicy Vapor liquids. Ecto Plasma, of course, and we’re trying Vape the Rainbow (Skittles) and Blueberry Granita. We’re really looking forward to trying some new stuff from them.
Btw, once again, their Volusion checkout didn’t work so I had to call and order over the phone.

Terra and Karen (all that’s left of their group) are now meeting Monday afternoons so that’s easier than evenings. And this is a month we want evenings for movies.

So, Monday night we had sort of a slumber party makeup night since we didn’t do it on Sunday. We got a dvd from Netflix of Elvira hosting a double feature of the original House on Haunted Hill and Night of the Living Dead. We watched them in bed. I’ve never seen the former (and, uh, meh) and the latter was as good as ever.


Today, we did a little running around. Nothing exciting but it’s always great to just be able to go out after so long being trapped in Alamogordo. The novelty has not yet worn off. October 8 was one year since the long hardship times ended. That’s the day we were officially fully on our own two feet.
And we’re glad she’s off no matter what we do. She had that stupid all day class two days last week so we only had one day off.

And, btw, October 1 was three years since we started vaping. We smoked once in a while for a couple more months so we haven’t been smoke free for fully three years, but still.

Tonight, as Halloween month continues, we watched Men in Black II. We’ve never seen it. Now I know why. I gave it 3 out of 10.

Oh yeah, and Terra has finally been cleared from work this weekend so she IS going to the church retreat! :)
And she got all three of her work days off but doesn’t leave until Friday so we have an extended week :)
(But she appears to be getting sick now. She spent all day with a throbbing headache nothing apparently can touch and a mild fever that comes and goes.)

And, btw, the last couple days, we’ve been playing a little of The Typing of the Dead on Dreamcast. I still have two official Dreamcast keyboards, even. It’s a perfect weird Halloween game (Game Informer Magazine named it the weirdest game of all time) and we were having a great time with it. And then today, it refuses to boot. DAMMIT!!! My Dreamcast is so old, it had a hard time booting anything that isn’t in perfect condition and my copy of ToTD is pretty scratched.
And I didn’t even get pics or vids of us playing. Grrrrr.

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