So, Halloween month is over.

And, it ended with a whimper rather than a bang. I can’t believe there were no trick or treaters. We got two before it got dark but none after. We packed it in at 750pm. Although, one showed up at 801 and someone was ringing the door bell at 930 – the porchlight was already off at that point.
In Alamogordo, we had nine visits between 7 and 8 and one weirdo at 830. When we were kids, trick or treating started at dark. What has the world come to? Probably the urban myth is still around about razor blades in the candy and such. Although, we do kinda live in a retirement community neighborhood on a golf course. Maybe there’s no kids around here and no one brought their kids to our neighborhood.
Either way, we won’t be handing out candy next year. Sigh. This was only our second time doing it. Wesley’s never even been trick or treating. And with the turn out we got, I’m not sure we’ll bother to start taking him next year.

Vids and pics from the last month have been posted to Facebook.
But here I’ll put this pic of all the decorations in a pile, ready to be boxed and garaged until October 1, 2013…


Btw, the final score was 30 movies watched in our living room between different combinations of Terra, Wesley, Nina, and myself. Horror and other Halloween-appropriate movies. And Terra and I slowly watched the entire second season of AMC’s The Walking Dead throughout the month. Plus the twenty episodes of The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Halloween specials that Wesley watched a lot and all three of us sat in on at least a few and Terra and I watched most of them in one sitting after Balloon Fiesta. And a handful of other stuff like the Freaks & Geeks Halloween episode, some Freddy’s Nightmares, etc.

Btw, there were too many great Halloween internet radio stations this year, too. Whenever I’d have one on all day, I’d know I was missing out on good stuff on another.
That’s the way I like it.

Anyway, good Halloween month.

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