Friday free stuff

Matt came by this evening and brought some Onkyo sound equipment he wants Wesley to have. I haven’t looked it over yet but I assume it’s good stuff. Also included are some big, nice Pioneer speakers. I may use those in the living room :)
But, the speakers I currently use are very nice. He gave me those a few years ago – solid walnut cabinets, and they are apparently old studio reference monitors. They’re awesome but I’ll audition the Pioneers. Maybe tomorrow night – Wesley and I are supposed to watch U-571 on Vudu in HD 5.1 so that would be an excellent test.

I made cafe au lait for Matt and I, he followed me around while I did housework.

After he left, I watched Vertigo (the restoration – also on Vudu) and I have to say I didn’t like it. I gave it a 2. It was just way too long and dragged out, especially the first two thirds.

I listened to part ten (of fifteen) of A Canticle for Leibowitz and this episode was a little better but still kinda meh.

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