What an awesome day! (Monday Oct 8, 2012)

It was a great weekend and today was especially memorable.
And it will not get the post it deserves because I just want to go to sleep.

This morning had quite a few balloons and one that almost landed right next to the house. I’ll post some pics and vids to Facebook.

Then, we went and saw Moonrise Kingdom at the dollar theater and that was a great time.
Terra and I have never gone to a movie without Wesley. And we’ve only been to a movie a handful of times in the last five years period. She enjoyed the movie more than I did. It is certainly Wes Anderson at his, uh, Wessiest. More than Zissou, even. I can’t wait to see it again – at home – and give it a more thorough viewing.

Today was Terra’s first real payday – and it’s a good one – so we went a few places looking for a table for the cafe room. We found nothing. This may be tricky.

Then, my long lost friend Nina came over and that was all kinds of awesome. We all hung out for awhile then went to dinner at Flying Star. Then, came back and hung out some more.
She promises to come over frequently so there will be a sequel, nay, a season two of all the fun we used to have in the old days before I moved away.

After Nina left, Terra and I watched Lovely Molly on Netflix streaming and, wow, we really did not like it.

Tomorrow, Terra is back to work, I have a lot of housework, but Nina will be coming over in the evening :)

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