Saturday with guests, cooking

Last night, around 1130 or so, I heard Christmas Kitty growling outside our door (where their food dishes are) and I assumed a neighborhood kitty was stealing their dinner.  It was a raccoon!  I didn’t know they had raccoons in the desert!  And it was Christmas Kitty’s size – a little bigger, even.  Is that normal?  It even moved like a cat.  When I turned on the porch light and made some noise, it left but not exactly in a hurry and Christmas Kitty even followed it, which I’m not sure is wise.

Made straight espresso shots for Terra and I this morning.

Don (@KonyaHurricane whom I’ve known on Twitter longer than anyone) was in town so he dropped by – it’s been a couple years maybe?  He was one of very few rare guests we’d have over for coffee at mom’s in Alamogordo.  We even disc golfed a couple times.  He and I and Terra caught up for a bit, I made him an iced latte.  He brought his son about Wesley’s age and he watched Wesley play PS3 games but didn’t join in.

Tomorrow, Miss Karen, a friend from Alamogordo who lives here now is coming by.

Terra and I want to start cooking together – experimenting with stuff we’ve never tried before – we think Saturdays would be a good day to do it.  I’d been browsing recipes the last few days to try to make a Mexican chicken rice bake sorta thing and finally just decided to make a composite.  It was awful.  No, really, I mean a total disaster.  We ended up having to get Dominos!  I mean, it was unsalvageable.

But, before bed, we put together this breakfast crock pot casserole thing I found on Pinterest and we have very very very high hopes.

And we again had a slumber party night substitute that consisted of kicking it on the couch together (still too warm to snuggle) and I read her two more chapters of a Harlequin romance novel we picked up a couple weeks ago just for these nights and so far we’re really enjoying it.
Btw, the new rule for these nights is our phones get turned OFF.  I get cold sweats just thinking about it.  But, we need some time cut off from the rest of the world.

Our package from FreedomSmokeUSA got here today and I placed the order Thursday morning so that’s awesome.  So, I can finally start mixing up my own vape liquid now and save lotsa money :)

We are going through coffee beans very fast now.  I thought we’d be using less than when we were only making press.
And we are still stumped about the huge bubbles right about the one ounce point when we pull a shot.
We plan to have cappuccinos with breakfast tomorrow so we’ll find out how bad our milk frothing skills have gotten after months of non-use.

The weather today was incredible.  Rained last night and was cloudy all morning that turned mostly sunny by the early afternoon.  Had a very nice cool breeze all day.  We turned off the ac and had many windows and doors open.  It felt kinda like fall.  But I’m not assuming warm weather is over.  But, it sure would be nice.

Speaking of our kitties – and just so Christmas Kitty doesn’t get the only mention – here’s the look Moogle gave me when I wouldn’t let hims on my lap yesterday…


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