Monday, Sept 17, 2012 – Terra’s first day at her new job

I think I may have got it.  I got a grind that smells great, dosed 16.5g and got a very foamy shot that tasted good.  So, I updosed to 18 and got a substantially less foamy shot that tasted the same.  Next I will try updosing to 19g.

I haven’t mentioned the weather in a few days.  I keep wearing jeans and then end up wishing I wore shorts.  Fall is taking its time :(

I made some big differences in our bedroom today.  Her stuffed animals are now on display, we have a sort of table to do our puzzle time, and there is no longer clutter all over the place.
Wesley’s closet was also finally organized and it had so much unused space, it now is partially junk storage.  That’s where some of the clutter from our room went :)
And, the coffee bar serving area has now been moved to the table in the little cafe area (now that the puzzle is out of the way) and, with that stuff moved, I have a new little “drink finishing” spot at the bar with shakers and syrups and such.
It was a very busy house husband day.

Terra is only doing training at her new job so far but says it is going fine.  She has at least one more day of training – still no word on when she actually starts working.

Terra and I watched Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life in HD on Netflix.  First time for both of us.  Not what we were expecting.  Not horrible but not great.

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