Sept 16, 2012 – our last Sunday

Spent over an hour trying to dial in the beans we got from Satellite – tried TEN times.  Got fast, huge bubbles or choked shots for the most part.  Changed grind and dose over and over.  A coarser grind smelled and tasted best but I couldn’t get the right dose.  Tried a range from 16g to 20g but still didn’t get perfection.  I’m trying not to just jump to the conclusion that it’s the beans.  I finally came to a point where I was tired of it, left some notes on the bar for next time, and walked away.

My sleep debt is down to 3:48!!  Not taking my phone to bed is really working.

We all watched Thor in HD on Netflix.  We actually enjoyed it, which is more than we could say for Iron Man and Captain America.

Tomorrow, Terra starts her new job.  The next chapter of our life begins.

We saw Titanic on bluray at Walmart.  The fact it was $23 made us restart our Netflix disc subscription :P  Once I reactivated it, it informed me the last disc we got – in March – never made it back to them.  In other words, it fell into the hands of the owners of the mailbox, whose roof we were living under.  Hrmph.

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