Tuesday, sept 18, 2012

This morning was pretty chilly, but the rest of the day was quite warm – to warm for my taste.  It got to 82 inside without me noticing – AC was off while I was doing house work.

Now that I finally got some idea of how to pull decent shots of those Satellite beans, we ran out.  Bummer.  And I don’t see paying $11 for 12oz of what is clearly a blend made for noobs.  I strongly suspect the blend contains a lot of Robusta to make it foamy for those who don’t know how to pull a proper shot – it’s the only way they’ll get crema.
Tomorrow, we are getting some old faithful – Espresso Italiano from Red Rock Roasters.  I’ve used it for years.  While it may not be the best, I know it backward and forward, I can do anything with it, use it on any equipment in any conditions and always get consistent quality.
And at $47 for 5lbs, it’s an exceptional value.  I’ve not found better beans in Albuquerque.

We spent money we couldn’t afford to get a blender the other day so we could start having protein shakes at breakfast again.  We think we were a lot better off – it used to be our daily breakfast but stopped what must be a couple years ago now.  This morning was the first in a long time – a cup of raw oats, a banana, half cup of yogurt, half cup of milk, half a scoop of protein powder and a few ice cubes.  I had lots of energy and didn’t get hungry until a reasonable lunch time.

Got some laundry done today, not fully caught up.  I keep falling behind, grrrr.

Terra’s training at her new job was very tiring today, but she got to come home for lunch, which was nice.  She’s off tomorrow (except for her brief side job visit in the morning) and then Thursday and Friday trains on the floor from 6am to 2pm.  Presumably, she’ll start her permanent schedule soon thereafter.

Got caught up on my Bible reading again today.

I’ve begun gathering Halloween movies.  It’s not getting here fast enough.

We got our first Netflix disc today – Titanic on bluray.  We watched it tonight, which was Wesley’s first time seeing it.  I love the movie but it proves yet again that James Cameron needs someone else to edit his films – there are so many trims that could be made to tighten the movie up.

I made coffee in my stove top siphon pot.  First time in a very long time.  Wesley helped…


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