Sept 14, 2012 – our last Friday

Woke up at around 330am and Moogle wasn’t in bed with us.  That just doesn’t happen.  So I got up and looked around the house – no Moogle.  So I grabbed my flashlight and went outside, quietly calling to him.  We live at an intersection, one street of which has an occasional car even late at night and I’ve worried about that.  I even shined my light out to the street when he still wasn’t showing up.  Then there’s the wildlife – stories of coyotes roaming golf courses (we live on one) and mauling dogs in their yards – and there was that raccoon eating their food the other night.  So, there’s a couple things to be paranoid about.
Walked around the house twice, still no Moogle.  Decided there was nothing more I could do so I turned off my light, turned to the door, took two steps and tripped over him – see, he’s solid black and gets tripped over in the night a lot.
No idea where he was but at least he’s ok.  He followed me into the room, crawled up on the bed, and was guys his continually present, invasively snuggly self the rest of the night.

Went to Wesley’s IEP meeting.  It went well.

Aaron, from home fellowship, brought us a microwave, since ours that came with the house sucks.

In preparation for the microwave, I moved a lot of stuff to on top of the cabinets, so the wine decanter, wine glasses, tabletop siphon pot, and fondue set all live up by the ceiling now.

Got Little Anita’s for lunch.  I had the carne adovada enchiladas, she had shredded beef chimichanga.  What were we thinking?  Too stuffed to move and have to go run errands.  It was ok but expensive.

Went to Goodwill, Savers, and World Market, picked up a couple things.  Found out World Market doesn’t sell the Indonesian Teak tealight candles in big bags anymore – not happy about that.  Now you can only buy 12 for $5 or buy a big one and I don’t like big pillars because we use ceiling fans a lot and all it takes is 20 mins of an unnoticed breeze and the candle is ruined.
Got a decent set of six plates at Goodwill that should work with the table for $15.

Got a bottle of our favorite Irish Cream – Emmet’s – to have with the chocolate covered coffee beans we got at World Market.  That’s for tonight’s puzzle and Ruby 3 event, continued from last Friday.
UPDATE:  It’s getting tougher, but here’s our progress so far…


And Ruby 3 gets less and less interesting.  It was entertaining years ago when I was on a lot of drugs but now it’s just meh.  We’re halfway through it.  I was frankly glad when the tape ended tonight.

Tomorrow (our last Saturday) she has her side job patient in the morning then we are finally gonna do what we’ve planned for a regular Saturday activity – we’ve both been liking recipes on Pinterest and, tomorrow, we will compare our findings, decide on one, go shop for the ingredients, then cook it together.  Hope it all goes well.

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