Wesley and Silent House. Wesley and Silent Hill.

I was thinking about how Silent House really puts you in first-person pov and that anyone would respond to that, even a child. So, I showed it to Wesley tonight when it got dark. He thought it was boring. The movie I squirmed all the way through. Uh, except when I was jumping. Sure, he spent some time hiding behind a pillow but soon figured out the pursuer was no Freddy Krueger. I guess only over-the-top can scare him now. I don’t want to be too spoilery so I won’t say too much. Bottom line is all the suspense and dread was wasted on him – he didn’t jump once and, when asked as the credits rolled, he said it was boring. Go figure. Earlier this afternoon, I had him try the original Silent Hill. First I should say he thought it was scary and the suspense was much more effective on him than the movie we watched later. He needed a lot of help with it and didn’t seem to be enjoying it much – too frustrating. The controls took him some time to adapt to. That’s true no matter how young you are, though. He got about 3 hours, maybe more. I encouraged him to quit once he got the door with three locks open. I’ll try to get him to play again (he does have a four day weekend coming up and I’ve been trying to think of some things he could fill the time with) but I don’t think he’s interested. Looking forward to Halloween night. Nina is coming over, we’re going to move all the decorations out to the front porch and hoping trick or treaters show up, while I play my Dr. Demento tape collection plays. We’re thinking Chili dogs for dinner. We’ll probably be making Irish Coffees, too :P Also looking forward to owning (and watching) Moonrise Kingdom on blu-ray. Probably next payday.

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