SPN on hold, trying PSO & Loveline

So, we’ve put SPN on indefinite hiatus again, which leaves Sunday nights blank.
We’re trying alternating PSO on our Wii in the bedroom and movies in the living room. We did a movie last week so tonight we did PSO, which normally we’d listen to Art Bell with, when we were doing this over the summer. But tonight we tried Loveline (from our PS3 to my PSP via remote play) and it was much more enjoyable. As a medical professional and a recovering addict and former drug counselor, we get a kick out of it. And it’s good to have a laugh.
Educational and entertaining. Perfection.
I used to listen every night for a couple years at the turn of the century. We’re only interested in those old Adam and Drew days so we get episodes from LovelineTapes.com and tonight was from Oct 17, 2001 and it was a great one.
We had a great time so there’s every reason to believe we’ll do this again.

After church today, we went to Hastings and I was shocked that the latest edition of The Joy of Cooking is $35.
See, I’ve decided I want a cookbook and I might as well start with a time-tested one. Though, I think I want the old 1975 edition all our moms had. Consecrated by use and hallowed by time and all that.
I’m sick of trying to force myself to spend time hunting for new recipes on my phone (remember, we have no computer) and I’m sick of only ever making the same ten things – and most of the Pinterest recipes I end up trying are unhealthy comfort food – so I want an actual book.
I guess I’ll just get one from Amazon.

Anyway, tomorrow should be fun. Noel is coming for coffee in the morning and then Kathy is coming for dinner and a movie. I’m thinking pasta and The King’s Speech. So, I hope Netflix holds up and gives us a solid HD stream.

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