The return of Gauntlet and Ecto Plasma

So, every payday over the last couple months, I keep saying I’m gonna order Juicy Vapor’s Ecto Plasma, possibly my favorite liquid I’ve ever vaped (tied with my own unflavored I make) and every payday something else ends up tempting me to try it. I last ordered some on May 18th.
Well, this time, I’m being smart and ordering what I know I love.
But, sometimes I can’t get the website to accept the order. Their credit card processor (Volusion) doesn’t always work. Don’t know if it’s on their end or mine but it doesn’t work on any browser I try so I have to assume it’s them. Well, today was one of those days. I got so fed up I called Juicy Vapor’s toll free number and ended up talking to Tyler and we had a very nice chat about vaping. He was also a die hard carto tank user for a few years. He has now converted to Genesis-style tanks. I told him about my disastrous experience with the mini-DID clone and he assures me it happens to everyone and I need to try the RSST. (They don’t sell it, btw, so it wasn’t just a sales pitch.) I’m all for it but that’s $30-$40 and I may find out I don’t even like Genesis-style. That’s why I bought the $20 mini-DID clone.
Anyway, so, he took my order over the phone and I’ll have a 50mL of Ecto in a few days. I hope it lasts.

And, yeah, Nina is back in town so Gauntlet (Dark Legacy on PS2) Saturday continues. She, Wesley, and I had a great time today. We opened Forest Realm pretty quickly and managed to go through the whole thing in less than our alloted 3 hours and even defeated the Spider Queen. Without the Item of Legend for that boss no less. It got us so much money that we even did it again so everyone got to buy full health and build up some of our stats.

And, finally, I discovered today that someone on YouTube named Matthew Bryant has recently uploaded VHS caps of ALL 45 episodes Professor Julius Sumner Miller made in 1969 with Western Video Industries. This is late night cult classic educational stuff. Last summer, I raided logindoss’ collection, which claims to be complete but is missing s2e09 and all of s3. AND, this new collection is the complete episodes – logindoss’ were uploaded in 2007 when YouTube still had their 9 minute limit so his episodes are all broken into two parts each. (Btw, I used to download them.)
So, my collection is finally complete and I am thrilled.

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