Recent tweets as of Oct 8, 2016

After six years of loyalty to (redacted), I may have a new favorite Halloween Internet radio station – Dead Air @98point3FM 12:49:31, 2016-10-06 RT @98point3FM: @ABQChristopher The evil reign of (redacted) shall fall this good eve! HUZZAH! 13:00:18, 2016-10-06 @98point3FM I read the Good Groupie interview and, yeah, you’re … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Jul 30, 2016

The menu is growing… #homebarista #homecafe 11:38:09, 2016-07-24 Another tea shipment for Terra. And I just bought her new containers. So, she’s reorganizing. #homecafe… 15:31:10, 2016-07-25 NO!! I’ve used that glass for YEARS. It’s taken lots of abuse. But a bookend falling from a shelf above kills it??! … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of May 28, 2016

RT @GoogleFacts: The moon's shadow during a solar eclipse, seen from stratosphere. 06:15:43, 2016-05-22 Tried a cappuccino with my new Espro Toroid. Yikes. It's obviously gonna require some practice. #homebarista… 14:41:54, 2016-05-22 RT @GoogleFacts: A flock of starlings take flight in what is known as a murmuration. Credit: … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of May 7, 2016

My last antibiotic. I'm glad it's finally over. The 23(ish) day sickness saga ends when I swallow this. 12:18:06, 2016-05-01 Thinking of rebooting the mantle. Update the photos, at least. #househusband 14:37:25, 2016-05-02 Bummer. Albertsons right around the corner from us is closing. Maybe we'll finally get a … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Jan 9, 2016

Christmas Kitty watching back yard snow melt. 18:24:48, 2016-01-03 Not good. My espresso machine – from inside of which this is a part – is out of commission. 11:30:50, 2016-01-04 Poor Lady Gaggia. I need to order a couple parts. 13:18:32, 2016-01-05 The cafe shelf. Now with … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Dec 12, 2015

Christmas Kitty displaced? That's been his favorite spot under the tree for 6 Christmases. 13:51:00, 2015-12-06 Trick R Treat kitten is eight weeks old today. He suddenly enjoys playing outside. 11:00:34, 2015-12-07 RT @VisitABQ: Enjoy NM's state cookie at home with this #NewMexicoTrue recipe for the holidays: … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Sep 5, 2015

Bagging the latest batch of coffee beans. Espresso Strata from Red Rock Roasters in Albuquerque 11:29:40, 2015-08-30 In my headphones… Claybourne | 1998 | Andrew Dubber & Belinda Todd #audiotheater #audiodrama 19:58:17, 2015-08-30 Disc Golf with Adrian at Roosevelt Park in Albuquerque. 10:06:28, 2015-08-31 My best score … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Jun 28, 2014

All my hate for this new dishwasher has faded since I started using Finish Powerballs. They’re amazing. #sparklydishes #happyhousehusband 05:34:34, 2014-06-23 Had Pastor Los from Redemption Church over for coffee and discussed how we could get involved despite working Sundays. #fingerscrossed 09:45:06, 2014-06-23 TIL the spring in my switch means … Continue reading

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