Recent tweets as of Oct 8, 2016

After six years of loyalty to (redacted), I may have a new favorite Halloween Internet radio station – Dead Air @98point3FM 12:49:31, 2016-10-06 RT @98point3FM: @ABQChristopher The evil reign of (redacted) shall fall this good eve! HUZZAH! 13:00:18, 2016-10-06 @98point3FM I read the Good Groupie interview and, yeah, you’re … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Oct 3, 2015

Trying to devise a way to use this mister to create fog for this year's Halloween village. 09:47:25, 2015-09-27 630am grocery store trip for milk. #riorancho #abq #newmexico #dawn 06:53:19, 2015-09-28 Christmas Kitty 13:36:07, 2015-09-28 In my headphones… A Canticle for Leibowitz | 1981 | WHA Radio/Wisconsin … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Sep 5, 2015

Bagging the latest batch of coffee beans. Espresso Strata from Red Rock Roasters in Albuquerque 11:29:40, 2015-08-30 In my headphones… Claybourne | 1998 | Andrew Dubber & Belinda Todd #audiotheater #audiodrama 19:58:17, 2015-08-30 Disc Golf with Adrian at Roosevelt Park in Albuquerque. 10:06:28, 2015-08-31 My best score … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Jan 24, 2015

Hit the course today – first time in how many years?! Adrian (his first time) and I played Vista Hills (9 holes) TWICE. 14:14:07, 2015-01-20 Owwwww! I may have overdone it just a tad yesterday. 04:57:38, 2015-01-21 Wesley's been loving this station Children's story records – TMNT, He-man, Trek, … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Nov 1, 2014

For this last week of Halloween, I'm trying to listen thru all 48 chapters of We're Alive while I work. #audiotheater 10:18:15, 2014-10-26 RT @halloweenradio: This year we celebrate Halloweenradio’s 10th birthday. Join us on the dance floor and shake it with the undead … . ht… 08:42:24, 2014-10-28 … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Apr 23, 2014

RT @FarsalinosK: #mdpiijerph The Worldwide Survey of More than 19,000 E-Cigarette Users, published today! Heatlh benefits reported! http:/… 05:44:36, 2014-04-22, eh? OK, I’ll give it a try. Not a fan of having to use a Live365 player, prefer an actual url, but meh. 13:41:23, 2014-04-22 Unbelievable. RT @GrimmGreen: NJOY … Continue reading

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