Recent tweets as of Aug 9, 2014

Been reading End of Exile by Ben Bova in the evenings. Haven't read it in 25 years, when it was a favorite and I'm loving it as much now. 20:47:44, 2014-08-03 RT @AllisonThinking: @GrimmGreen Reconsidering Electronic Cigarettes: A Story #ecigs 06:27:47, 2014-08-04 Introducing Wesley to Skies of Arcadia (GameCube, … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Aug 2, 2014

First trial run of a new streamlined morning routine that allows us to sleep in until 4:30 went really well! #cautiouslyoptimistic 05:59:41, 2014-07-27 Making the first gazpacho of the summer today. Topped with honey sesame sticks, served with mozzarella sticks and Naan on the side. 09:54:55, 2014-07-27 RT @vudufans: The … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of May 7, 2014

We’ve been waking up a few minutes before our 345am alarm goes off the last few mornings. I guess we’re becoming conditioned. Well, good. 05:19:13, 2014-05-02 Terra and I already hit three garage sales, Goodwill, and now breakfast at Weck’s (our first time trying it). Getting up early rulez!!! 10:14:42, … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of May 1, 2014

Very excited that I’ll be getting some new vacuum attachments soon. … Sigh. This is what my life has become. 10:34:49, 2014-04-28 If you knew how good my first real enchiladas attempt just turned out, you’d be at the door demanding some. 17:10:41, 2014-04-28 This week’s This American Life segment … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Apr 21, 2014

A much beloved sub-genre of mine… Top 10 Submarine Movies: 17:39:38, 2014-04-17 RT @vaporjoes: Vapor Joes – Daily Vaping Deals: AMMUNITION: EPA & FDA – VAPOR HARMLESS TO CHILDREN 21:47:54, 2014-04-17 Attn Ed Chigliak (#NorthernExposure)… SF museum will screen Star Wars in Navajo language: 21:52:43, 2014-04-17 Up … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Apr 12, 2014

10 months later, Terra got her sched change. 3 8s, 1 12 so we’ll have SIX evenings a week together as a family AND she’s off Fri, Sat, Sun! 09:29:00, 2014-04-09 One last Thurs-Sat 6-6. Then some weird days and new schedule starts on the 21st. When we’ll be getting … Continue reading

Tweets from Wed, Feb 19, 2014

RT @LosGriego: People ask why we don’t homeschool our kids, no need to overspiritualize, it is simple, we don’t want to. #parenting #Parent… 08:48:35 Finally re-calibrated our Baratza for a good press grind – it was easier than we thought :) #homebarista #coffee 09:02:09 Updated my #homecafe page … Continue reading

Christmas 2013, Act Three

I’ve spent probably 30 hours on this. And I still don’t like it. I like the other two vids I made but I just can’t get this one right. I’ve edited and re-edited and re-edited – I even started completely over once – and now I’m just abandoning it and … Continue reading

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