Recent tweets as of Jun 18, 2016

RT @reformada1689: Ace hole 9 Roosevelt Paek Albuquerque New Mexico. Brand new #EMacTruth Lucid. #DynamicDiscs 07:59:46, 2016-06-12 New coffee guests! :) Carrie and Brian came over today. We met them at our new Meetup group. 13:35:08, 2016-06-12 Welp, tonight's the night. Terra and I are about to watch … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of May 14, 2016

Terra's new phone wallet. Now she just has to replace everything that was in it. #stolenwallet 18:03:12, 2016-05-08 Wesley's first year book. Ever. 17:20:19, 2016-05-09 Threw nine holes with Adrian and Sean at Vista Hills here in Rio Rancho today. I miss weekly games at Rosie!… 11:33:06, … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Apr 9, 2016

I probably shouldn't have done that at bed time. #andhow #butbenandjerrys 19:42:05, 2016-04-03 Poor old, fat, shaved, toothless Christmas Kitty. He still has pretty blue eyes, though. 10:54:19, 2016-04-04 RT @ABQreddit: Blake's expands into AZ to welcome reception and massive lines [slideshow] #ABQ 05:30:20, 2016-04-05 RT @AugustineQuots: … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Mar 12, 2016

My coffee bar. Did some rearranging and cleaning. #homebarista #homecafe #homebar 11:36:36, 2016-03-06 So it's true what they say about Aquila Reds. And these were my favorite strings yet. #grrrr #ukulele 13:02:44, 2016-03-07 Tricksie Kitten, do you really think that's an appropriate place to lay down?! 13:58:19, … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Sep 26, 2015

Terra surprised me with the painting I wanted for Halloween in the cafe but I said we couldn't afford :) 17:00:41, 2015-09-20 RT @GoogleFacts: Two things define you: Your patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have everything. 04:38:26, 2015-09-21 Rooted my Nook HD, running CyanogenMod … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Sep 19, 2015

Baby bunny blood on Holly Kitten. 10:28:40, 2015-09-13 My favorite decoration for our cafe sofa :) 08:27:23, 2015-09-14 After Rosie… Christopher, Sean (1st time), Adrian, Rush. #abq #discgolf #albuquerque 15:22:47, 2015-09-14 DOLLY ZOOMING THROUGH CINEMA HISTORY 20:42:42, 2015-09-14 RT @OnePerfectShot: [WATCH] From Hitch to Tarantino: The … Continue reading

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