Recent tweets as of Aug 16, 2014

I always say “There’s no such thing as a pure upgrade. You always lose something.” And that’s so true of Android KitKat. 08:34:17, 2014-08-10 Loving my new phone’s remote control app. Wesley is playing a game in the living room and can’t figure out why the TV keeps turning off … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Jun 7, 2014

New Mexico Vape Fiesta 2014 Cloud Competition #vapemeet #vaping #subohm #ecig #abq #vape 04:41:42, 2014-06-01   Amen. #petpeeve RT @EricJosephsen: As always, the absence of the Oxford comma makes all the difference. 07:07:49, 2014-06-02 RT @SciencePorn: 13:30:14, 2014-06-02 RT @RationalWiki: Wat HiFi? Pseudoscientific wank from the pages … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of May 24, 2014

YAY!!! We finally get our own big #vapemeet!! 2014 Vape Fiesta #abq #newmexico #vape 05:24:10, 2014-05-18 I’m thinking this could be the summer I begin Wesley’s (8yo) serious #homebarista training. He’s watched for years and knows all the steps. 12:25:59, 2014-05-18 Someone asked ME #parenting #advice! HA!! I said … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Apr 16, 2014

Me: “I got two words for dinner tonight… Kentucky Fried Chicken.” Wife: “That’s three words.” Me: “Your momma! THAT’S two words!” 12:48:27, 2014-04-13 15 eps in and consistently blown away by season 5 of #NorthernExposure – they perfected the show. (And then ruined it in season 6.) 18:28:17, 2014-04-13 We’ve … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Sat, Mar 15, 2014

Vapor Space is the best #vape store we know in #ABQ. Just had a great visit. And unintentionally persuaded a customer to buy his 1st RBA :) 13:04:37, 2014-03-11 RT @sween: My wedding vows did not mention lay-flat-to-dry clothes. And yet here I am. 06:32:02, 2014-03-12 RT @YouVersion: RT @brentguice: … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Mon, Mar 10, 2014

Installed new steam wand, getting housework done, listening to @LosGriego (Redemption Church RR) podcast. I gotta have him over for coffee. 15:07:28, 2014-03-06 Two to go in season 4, Terra and I have watched 62 eps of Northern Exposure. We started Nov 1, watching one each work night (Th,Fr,Sa). 22:04:31, … Continue reading

Tweets from Sat, Mar 1, 2014

Forgot to put Terra’s lunch, snacks in her bag yesterday. BUT, Pastor Mark is a Friday coffee regular so he delivered it. #godisincontrol 05:47:27 The house record for Most Waffles Eaten By a Single Person has been broken by the already reigning champion – Wesley! He ate FIVE waffles! 10:55:23 … Continue reading

Lovin’ us some Northern Exposure

I hadn’t mentioned it on here before but we started watching Northern Exposure on November 1st. As you may recall, we’d been listening to We’re Alive every work night when she came home. We started that in July and got through the first 17 chapters and then took October off … Continue reading

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