Recent tweets as of Apr 9, 2016

I probably shouldn't have done that at bed time. #andhow #butbenandjerrys 19:42:05, 2016-04-03 Poor old, fat, shaved, toothless Christmas Kitty. He still has pretty blue eyes, though. 10:54:19, 2016-04-04 RT @ABQreddit: Blake's expands into AZ to welcome reception and massive lines [slideshow] #ABQ 05:30:20, 2016-04-05 RT @AugustineQuots: … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Apr 2, 2016

Doctor Who AND Carnivale! It's a good day to be an Amazon Prime subscriber :) 12:38:43, 2016-03-27 Buying Wesley a new spring wardrobe. 11:31:12, 2016-03-28 Espresso shot. Whoosh! It ran really fast. #homebarista 19:45:25, 2016-03-29 Another meh espresso shot. #grrrr #homebarista 13:53:12, 2016-03-30 Terra is shopping … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Mar 26, 2016

Bed time. The closest thing I get to being "home from work". #househusband 20:06:13, 2016-03-20 A balloonar eclipse. When a passing #hotairballoon blocks the sun our house goes dark. #abq #albuquerque #riorancho 08:18:27, 2016-03-21 Espresso. (Oops, pulled it too long.) #homebarista #homecafe 11:49:16, 2016-03-21 Terra likes when … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Mar 12, 2016

My coffee bar. Did some rearranging and cleaning. #homebarista #homecafe #homebar 11:36:36, 2016-03-06 So it's true what they say about Aquila Reds. And these were my favorite strings yet. #grrrr #ukulele 13:02:44, 2016-03-07 Tricksie Kitten, do you really think that's an appropriate place to lay down?! 13:58:19, … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Feb 27, 2016

I bought Wesley a keyboard :) I was 12 when I got my first one. #musicalfamily 18:24:10, 2016-02-21 One last pic of "Lady Gaggia". After 6 years, I've just ordered a new machine. Details in description. 10:10:28, 2016-02-22 One last pic of my coffee bar work area. It … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Feb 13, 2016

The other trinkets, mementos, etc. shelf on my coffee bar. Now with Blade Runner car! 18:23:28, 2016-02-07 A Zorkmid! This is one of the trinkets on my coffee bar. From 1981ish? #Zork #oldschoolgeeky #askyourparents 09:33:00, 2016-02-08 We came up with a picnic blanket at an indoor flea market … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Jan 30, 2016

Ukulele shelf. 13:28:05, 2016-01-24 Tricksie kitten is 15 weeks old today. And never sits in my lap. So, I figured I'd take a pic. 16:29:46, 2016-01-25 Wesley is ten today. This is the collection of my best (imntbho) pics of him outside his bedroom door. 13:35:25, 2016-01-26 … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Jan 23, 2016

Wesley got a new bed! #earlybirthdaypresent 14:15:41, 2016-01-17 DONE. Wesley now has an age-appropriate room and is ready to turn 10 in a few days. 13:44:23, 2016-01-18 Christmas Kitty has a new hidden sleeping spot behind the entertainment center. 11:45:33, 2016-01-19 Gooseneck clip-on cell phone holder I … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Jan 2, 2016

Four and a half inches of snow on our backyard wall. #RioRancho #abq #albuquerque 09:10:05, 2015-12-27 RT @animaldrumss: its stupid when girls say they cant find a guy, yet they ignore me. its like saying youre hungry when theres a hot dog on the ground outside. 13:16:35, 2015-12-27 Ukulele … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Dec 5, 2015

Top acquired, this year's Christmas tree is complete! Too big to easily fit it all in the frame. 13:53:47, 2015-11-29 I did another Christmas centerpiece for the table. Not entirely satisfied with it, but, meh. 09:45:26, 2015-11-30 Oh, yeah, and Tricksie kitten is seven weeks old today. His … Continue reading

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