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I have listened to 20 episodes of this – then again with my wife – and haven’t jotted down a single note about it.

But I can’t. stop. listening.

It’s great. It’s endless fun. No serious story here – just lots and lots of fun. I won’t even say it’s hilarious, though it is certainly a comedy. FUN is the word I keep thinking as I listen. And the whole thing is very well done – sound design, writing, characters, dialogue, acting, everything.

Everything I love about Chatterbox-FM
(an in-game talk radio station in the game Grand Theft Auto 3 that I need to make a post about) and Art Bell, with great touches of Northern Exposure and other “new guy in a weird town” stories.
But, there’s the thing. They’re not trying to make one long storyline with every i dotted and t crossed. That frees them from having to hit every trope the subgenre usually contains.

The set up is a late night talk show on a radio station in a microscopic town with some supernatural shenaniganery. But, we only hear twenty minutes every couple weeks or so. And the show’s chronology is parallel to ours (episodes are released every two weeks(ish) and two weeks have passed in the story), so, we don’t hear everything and we don’t know everything – the back stories, every detail, full explanations, etc.. You just hear a piece. The imagination has unlimited room to run and play. I love that about this show. Rather than try to build an airtight universe, they let YOU take an active part in the stories, as it were. They leave a lot of room for theorizing – hell, WONDERING. It’s a show keeps you thinking when you’re done listening and be delighted when they revisit something that was brought up before and give more details.

I just love this show.

So, yeah, I’m gonna give it a solid A.
Since this is an ongoing show, I’m gonna have to listen along as new episodes are released – a first for me. But, I definitely will.

I can’t find a full, official description, so I’ll adapt my own from various sources…

King Falls AM

King Falls AM centers on a lonely little mountain town’s late-night AM talk radio show and its paranormal, peculiar happenings and inhabitants.

New episodes on the 1st & 15th!

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