Tweets from Sun, Feb 16, 2014

  • I've been letting Wesley help at the coffee bar. #homebarista 08:00:07image
  • Late to church again. Meh. It takes forever to iron out our Sunday routine as we only get one day a week to practice. 11:21:35
  • Stopped in a meh yard sale and now wandering around Goodwill, looking for something to buy Wesley to take apart – his recent passion. 15:14:06
  • Huge donation of brand new Target slippers at #RioRancho Goodwill! $3-$6 (that's about 75% off). 15:22:27
  • Had a great time at Jason & Andy's and met new friends Lucio, Marie, and Monica. The sort of night we moved here for :) #livingthedream 20:22:23

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