Recent tweets as of Aug 20, 2016

RT @CSLewisDaily: “Surely what a man does when he is taken off his guard is the best evidence for what sort of man he is.” #CSLewis 14:24:12, 2016-08-14 We bought and installed curtains. It feels so grown up. 19:20:06, 2016-08-14 This is a thing?? 10:42:18, 2016-08-15 Root canal … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Feb 27, 2016

I bought Wesley a keyboard :) I was 12 when I got my first one. #musicalfamily 18:24:10, 2016-02-21 One last pic of "Lady Gaggia". After 6 years, I've just ordered a new machine. Details in description. 10:10:28, 2016-02-22 One last pic of my coffee bar work area. It … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Dec 5, 2015

Top acquired, this year's Christmas tree is complete! Too big to easily fit it all in the frame. 13:53:47, 2015-11-29 I did another Christmas centerpiece for the table. Not entirely satisfied with it, but, meh. 09:45:26, 2015-11-30 Oh, yeah, and Tricksie kitten is seven weeks old today. His … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Oct 10, 2015

Cafe shelf Halloween village. 14:57:21, 2015-10-04 Silent Hill w/Terra 17:40:19, 2015-10-04 The candy cauldron shelf. 11:53:04, 2015-10-05 Quick grocery store trip on a beautiful misty morning full of balloons. #AIBF #AIBF2015 #abq #riorancho #newmexico 08:53:20, 2015-10-06 Underworld with Terra 19:53:34, 2015-10-06 RT @ABQreddit: [Question] Where … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Nov 8, 2014

I liked a @YouTube video Turgay YILDIZLI 2013 WCE World Cezve/Ibrik Champion 07:59:52, 2014-11-02 And then someone ran their car into our yard wall and caused substantial damage. So, yeah, that happened. Watch this space for details. 18:14:01, 2014-11-03 I liked a @YouTube video Putting the Word "Christian" … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Aug 23, 2014

RT @RRObserver: Red-light cameras stay until Dec. ‘15 07:51:19, 2014-08-17 AMEN!! The intended ends in no way justify the shoddy means! – – The Problem with Christian Films 18:30:56, 2014-08-17 RT @GoogleFacts: A greetings card that can play ‘Happy Birthday’ has more computing power than existed in the … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of Apr 16, 2014

Me: “I got two words for dinner tonight… Kentucky Fried Chicken.” Wife: “That’s three words.” Me: “Your momma! THAT’S two words!” 12:48:27, 2014-04-13 15 eps in and consistently blown away by season 5 of #NorthernExposure – they perfected the show. (And then ruined it in season 6.) 18:28:17, 2014-04-13 We’ve … Continue reading

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