Recent tweets as of Aug 16, 2014

I always say “There’s no such thing as a pure upgrade. You always lose something.” And that’s so true of Android KitKat. 08:34:17, 2014-08-10 Loving my new phone’s remote control app. Wesley is playing a game in the living room and can’t figure out why the TV keeps turning off … Continue reading

Recent tweets as of May 7, 2014

We’ve been waking up a few minutes before our 345am alarm goes off the last few mornings. I guess we’re becoming conditioned. Well, good. 05:19:13, 2014-05-02 Terra and I already hit three garage sales, Goodwill, and now breakfast at Weck’s (our first time trying it). Getting up early rulez!!! 10:14:42, … Continue reading

And so, a new life begins… Again.

Seems every few months, we start a new way of life and another ends. Always beginning and ending. When is the happy middle? You know, when everything is mostly consistent and predictable, you can take a refreshing breath and know what today will be and just relax and enjoy. Like … Continue reading

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