Chicken, broccoli, stuffing casserole

I cooked a pound or more of chicken breast tenders in a pan with olive oil, garlic, etc. – nothing exotic.
I added about an equal amount of broccoli (steamed in the microwave) and heated it all together with a lid for a few minutes.

Meanwhile, I was preparing some cornbread stuffing. I made too much – one box (7ish oz?) probably would have been enough.
I made it with onion and celery.

Finally, I mixed condensed cream of chicken soup into the chicken & broccoli mixture until it was saucy but not stew.

In a 4qt casserole, I spread the chicken/broccoli/sauce mixture then some (not a lot) cheddar cheese and finally some stuffing/onion/celery mixture on top – not a solid layer, it’s easy to have too much.

30mins @ 375 uncovered melted the cheese, got the sauce bubbling, and just the right crunchiness for the stuffing.

I really liked it but it’s not very substantial and I don’t know what side would be appropriate.

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