We call it Mexi-fish


This is one I’ve been making for awhile but have recently changed a couple things. It’s maybe the simplest thing I make and it’s great so results-to-effort ratio is high :) I thought this up myself a few years ago but make no claim to originality. There may well be better recipes out there.

First, I get some brown rice started cooking. I usually add nothing more than salt – the seasoning for this dish is all in the fish.

Then, I make a salad/relish/hmm of bell peppers, cucumber, onion, tomato, cilantro, whatever sounds good. Sometimes I add some lemon or lime juice. Then I stick that in the freezer.
(If I’m really lazy, I use store bought pico de gallo instead.)

I lay some tilapia filets out on a foiled baking sheet and brush with garlic butter.
Then I cover them with a lot of  seasonings… S&P, cumin, chili powder, etc.. I used to put all that in the butter but found it’s better to put it on top.
10mins later at 400 and they’re ready so I time it with the rice being done.

I put a bed of rice on the plate, lay the fish on top, cover with vegetables and put some chips on the side. I’ve been loving the Over The Border Cafe Style tortilla chips with this rather than lighter, crispier style chips.

I’ve even postulated that it would make a great party food – skip the rice, crumble up the fish, stir it up and then just scoop it up with tortilla chips :)

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