Taco Tater Tot Casserole

Another Pinterest recipe…

It was a huge hit.

Firstly, I cooked and drained 2lbs of burger.

Then, I added…

a large chopped up onion
Granulated garlic
16oz frozen corn
8oz hot green chiles
2 packets of taco seasoning

And heated it all up together.

In a large bowl, I added the mixture to 2lbs frozen tater tots and about 1.5lbs shredded Mexican cheese and mixed it all up.

I poured about half a can of enchilada sauce in a 4qt casserole and spread it around.

Then I added the whole mixture and leveled it.
Then, pour another can and a half of enchilada sauce over it.

Baked 45mins at 375.

Finally, I poured another half pound of cheese on top and baked it another 10 mins until the cheese was all melted.

Served with tortilla chips.

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